Xbox Focus
"Fallout 3 is the game to watch for, and if you're not watching out for it, then you should have your eyes gauged out. "


The New York Times
"Put together, Bethesda and Fallout should be a fine combination."

RPG Gamer
"Those that enjoyed the previous games will undoubtedly enjoy this one, and new fans can flock to the resurrected series."

Only The Games
"Though what was played was a mere fraction of the game, it's a tantalizing hint at swaying morality and your immense weight on decayed humankind."

The Exploding Barrel
"The demo was amazing and I can't wait until the game launches next month."

"If you liked Oblivion, you will like Fallout 3. If you liked Fallout 1 and 2, you will like Fallout 3."

Voodoo Extreme
"... the more I see, the more I like!"

Team Xbox
"And after my hour-long taste I got today, Fallout 3 can't come soon enough."

"... my brief brush with Fallout 3 hinted at a staggering breadth of content contained within."

"And any doubts that I had about this being one of the biggest games of the year diminished even further. Bring it on, Bethesda. Bring it on."

"We love that we keep finding so much to explore in Fallout 3, but each visit to its postapocalyptic landscape is never long enough."

"Without doubt, the best part of Games Convention so far was the hour I spent playing Fallout 3."

"In short, it rocks. "

"Even the most die-hard Fallout fan couldn't ask for anything more."

"...we're seriously impressed."

Cinema Blend
"This game is packed full of features and has a very loyal following."

"In short you should be excited about this game. I know I am."

That Video Game Blog
"After my time with Fallout 3, I can safely say that I am excited to see what Bethesda will deliver this Fall."

Random Battle
"Fallout 3 is one of my most highly anticipated games this year."

Gay Gamer
"My second look at Fallout 3 was invigorating and definitely strengthened my resolve to clear out my gaming calendar before the game comes out."

"... Fallout 3 is shaping up to look very impressive."

"It looks like it's going to be a really good game."

"The release date for Fallout 3 is October 31 in Europe, the lucky North Americans will get it three days earlier."

"Nothing exudes confidence in a game like letting the press jump straight into the experience without a hand to guide them or direct the action."

The Guardian
"Yes, previews tend to be positive but from what I've seen so far Fallout 3 looks hugely promising. "

"We've still got plenty of questions about the story, sidequests, NPC interactions and more, but the brief taste of Fallout 3's freedom at the tail end of E3 turned out to be one of the most delicious morsels we sampled at the show. "

"If any game company knows the true meaning of the word "epic," it's Bethesda."

"You'll be glad to hear that Bethesda is demonstrating the same visual prowess in Fallout 3's game world that they did in Oblivion's."

"Couple this depth with a world and plot that offers wry wit and a terrifying glimpse into a post-nuclear world and you have a game that could turn out to be something rather special."

Video Game Generation
"The combat is fun, the leveling system is deep... and the post-apocalyptic world is fully realized and impressively scaled."

"Thus, the stage is set and the quest can begin – and we've not even mentioned the FEV virus and the resulting super mutants once yet!"
"We've hardly scratched the surface of what the game has to offer and we're desperate to play it again."

Rock,Paper, Shotgun
"And, with all that said, Fallout 3 was mostly highly entertaining."
"We certainly can't wait for Fallout 3 to ship and Fall 2008 can't come any quicker."

"Singleplayer is no longer a safe place to hide – Fallout 3 is on its way. "

Wham! Gaming
"Just as the union of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie has produced what will surely become stunningly beautiful offspring, two critically acclaimed role-playing game franchises are blending their DNA into a title that's shaping up to be a contender for the best game of 2008."

"There's no doubt that Fallout 3 is an incredibly promising game and, some minor combat annoyances aside, it completely immerses you in its ruined world."

MSN Tech
"I got to have a quick blast around it earlier and wish I could have had longer."

The Game Reviews
"If any game company knows the true meaning of the word 'epic,' it's Bethesda."

Electronic Theatre
"Fallout 3 may still only be available in brief previews, but even at this stage, it's easy to tell where it's heading – straight to the top."

"There's a whole lot to do in this game, so you better have a few sick days ready (or preferably, an underground vault to hide in) when it hits in October.”"

"... I have a strong feeling that Fallout 3 is going to unanimously take Game of the Year honors ..."

Gamer 2.0
"Bethesda has done a good job of modernizing the Fallout series while implementing so much of the original game's trademark features that it should surprisingly feel like a new experience for the uninitiated and very much like the old days for series' veterans."

Total PlayStation
"... looks pretty promising."

"Fallout 3 is not a rental. It is a must buy for anyone who owns a PC, PS3 or 360. Loads of side missions, an engaging story, thousands of items, cool combat system, and some of the best graphics out there make Fallout 3 one of the best showings at E3."

The Hachiko
"I take immense pleasure from the fact that it won't win E3 next year, as the game is scheduled to ship in only a few months, and I can't wait to own a copy for myself."

NxGamers (Second Opinion)
"Fallout 3 is a beautiful game."

"Fallout 3 is set in a nice spot to take Game of the Year awards away from Metal Gear Solid 4, Grand Theft Auto IV, and anything else that dare show its face this holiday season."

Totally 360
"Of all the games that I was actually able to play during E3 this title is definitely at the top of my list."

"Judging now would be premature at best, but I have to admit that I like what I see so far."

Electric Playground
"The closer it gets to release, the more Fallout 3 looks like everything RPG fanatics have hoped for: the classic RPG play wrapped in a 3D open world rendered with modern technology."

"Fallout 3 is quite possibly the best game at E3 this year ..."

"After a 1950's looking commercial about Voltec's Vault from escaping nuclear war, we skip to about 300 years later with a look at just how open the destroyed world is, and it is awesome. "

New York Times
"It would be easy for Bethesda to make a hash of a closely watched project like Fallout 3, but thankfully it seems as if it is on track to create a captivating single-player experience worthy of Fallout's august legacy."

Game Shark
"Fallout 3 distinguishes itself with this inventive combat system and we're pleasantly surprised at how well it works. Longtime adherents to the franchise shouldn't worry that their beloved universe has been torn to shreds in some shooter, as Bethesda looks to succeed in revitalizing it with a sequel that retains the spirit of the series while introducing interesting new element."

Tom's Games
"Bethesda promises over 100 hours of gameplay and from the half-hour we've seen it'll be time well spent."

Gaming Shotgun
"In this gamer's opinion, if you have not pre-ordered the Fallout 3 Survival Edition from Amazon, you are wasting precious time. Fallout 3 is as addicting as Jet sprinkled on iguana-on-a-stick!"

Giant Realm
"But what little I did experience was a lot of fun, and Fallout 3 looks like a lot of fun ..."

Gay Gamer
"Just in my few moments with the game I realized that there was more than I could possibly absorb in one sitting, so like many of you I'm still desperately awaiting Fallout 3's release later this year."

Star Ledger
"Based on my experience, I can definitely say that this isn't "Fallout 2" and this isn't "Oblivion with Guns". This is "Fallout 3" and its the real deal."

PS3 Fanboy
"For fans of the series, this will be set in a universe you know and love. "

"The foundation that Bethesda has laid down for you is excellent ..."

The Next Level
"The feeling that I was on the verge of an epic adventure I'd never forget. "

Vault Network
"It's obvious to me that fans of the series will undoubtedly love the game and newcomers will easily relate to the FPS and RPG elements present in Fallout 3."

"It's going to definitely be up there among the top RPGs of the year."

"After spending half an hour playing Fallout 3 yesterday I wish Vegas took bets on who will be Game of the Year. Even with powerhouses like Spore and Force Unleashed coming out around the same time I think Fallout 3 has it locked up."
"Overall it seemed like a pretty fun game."

Game Daily
"If this isn't the 'it' game of 2008, we'll be very surprised, indeed. "

"My demo ended here and the "human-like" enemies left me with a mystery I can't wait to unlock when Fallout 3 releases this fall."

"Fallout 3 is quite possibly the best game at E3 this year, and that's from only having played roughly 30 minutes of the game. "

"Fallout 3 has a great chance of becoming your only reason to get up in the morning come this October."

"The foundation that Bethesda has laid down for you is excellent, but as with any open-world game the experience is ultimately what you make of it."

"From the little we played, it certainly seemed easier to use the V.A.T.S. system for success in combat than shooting in real-time, but who knows how all that will be affected by building skills for preferred weapon types."

Games Radar
"While it could be described as Oblivion with guns, Fallout 3 mutates that game's first-person RPG experience into something that - while its DNA is still recognizable as Oblivion's - is wholly distinct."

Gaming Target
"After a year of anxiously waiting for my own hands-on turn at E3 2008, I'm walking away with a Fallout-themed kaleidoscope, with a bottle of Nuka Cola and, most importantly, with my high expectations met."

Voodoo Extreme
"Eye candy-wise, I thought the game looked super."

Rock, Paper, Shotgun
"I can't help it – that VATS thing was awesome!"

Crispy Gamer
"Fallout 3 is wicked cool."

"Every year, E3 has one game on display that's almost universally tagged as the critical favorite, despite not having the big-name pedigree of a Halo or Grand Theft Auto. Last year, it was the underwater adventure BioShock, which -- thanks to a steady drumbeat of positive press coverage--went on to sell a few million copies and become a true sleeper hit. This year, it's Fallout 3, a post-apocalyptic RPG set in the ruins of Washington DC."

Rip Ten
"It seems almost anything is possible in Fallout 3. From the character customization, to the extremely dense wasteland for you to explore, this is a game that will send players down hundreds of different paths, tied together with a story and humor that can’t be found anywhere else."

Inside Bay Area
"Last but definitely not least, Bethesda Softworks' post-apocalyptic role-playing game may have been the most impressive title at the show. The makers of "Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion" may have outdone themselves with this sequel, and that's saying a lot."

"... I've played the game and I want to play more. A lot more."

"This is a very different game, a very special game, and one I simply cannot wait to contaminate myself with come Autumn."

"Though we've only had a few chances to see the game, Fallout 3 looks very impressive and seems to be what the Bethesda team has set out to make--a role-playing game with the exploration and real-time combat of Oblivion but the role-playing elements of the classic Fallout from 1997."

"For those of you who felt Oblivion gave gamers a vast world to explore, Bethesda has taken it an entire step forward with Fallout 3."

Atomic Gamer
"Fallout 3 was the first game to be shown at Microsoft's E3 press conference, and there's a good reason for it."

The Escapist
"I only got to see a fraction of Fallout 3's possibilities, but I greatly enjoyed what I did see."

"Fallout 3 is one of the most highly anticipated games of 2008."

"The session in the Bethesda meeting room only lasted 30 minutes and while it gave a hint of the game’s flavor, it was enough to tantalize and wish for much more."

"All in all, Fallout 3 was a pleasure."

"I got a look at enough content to know that my eager anticipation for the title is certainly warranted."



"... Fallout 3 is still one of the most engaging and playable titles this side of Liberty City... and I've only tested it for about an hour."

"Fallout 3 is a hideous world, but after playing the game for a half hour today, we weren't ready to leave it yet."

"Perhaps even more importantly, the team nailed the look and feel of Fallout, and despite the dramatic shift in gameplay from the original - that was what truly captivated players a decade ago."

"Even if the first thing we saw hadn't been the moment coming out of the vault, Fallout 3 still would have taken our breath away."

"It was awesome."

That VideoGame Blog
"I know it’s moved from my “keep an eye on list” to my “must have list” already."

Big Download
"We do think that Fallout 3 will likely be one of the best, if not the best, games of 2008 ..."

Xbox 360 Fanboy
"Overall, Fallout 3 looks to be a good RPG on the grand scale that Bethesda is known for."

"It's amazing how fast 30 minutes goes by when you are so immersed in a game."

"Created by Bethesda, the same developer behind that sprawling fantasy epic, Fallout 3 has some pretty huge shoes to fill - but judging by what we've seen so far, it took one look, scoffed and is currently at work on an even bigger pair."

"From the little we played, it certainly seemed easier to use the V.A.T.S. system for success in combat than shooting in real-time ..."
"Still, it was enough time to know that I really need to get my mitts on this game."
"But Fallout 3 is about five times more dense, with a sprawling and open-ended post-apocalyptic Washington D.C. landscape that you're free to explore any which way you like."

"Earlier today half our editorial team stormed the Bethesda booth and absolutely milked the demo for everything we could. We were a walking crimewave, and at this point couldn't be happier with Bethesda's take on the source material."

"Molding together the retro-style tactical mechanics from Fallout and action-oriented gameplay is no easy task. For now, it all works rather well."

Opposable Thumbs
"... it's safe to say that gamers are going to be happy with the newest entry in this classic series. "

"Look for more hands-on time with Fallout 3 as its late 08 ship window nears."

"Fallout 3 is a Fallout game. "

"After years and years of starts and stops, we're closer than ever to finally getting the Fallout game we've all been waiting for. "

"It was at this point that Bethesda gave me a feeling that Fallout 3 would be true to the series and further take the whole “sandbox” game idea to the 3D level."

"But Fallout 3 is undoubtedly shaping up to be a solid game in its own right, and one that clearly takes many significant cues from the previous titles--from the opening scene, to the wonderfully realized PIPBoy menu."

"... I’m just as excited about this game as I was last year."

PC World
".. I already want to play more."

"G4TV Hands On Preview"

Yahoo News
"Building on the lessons learned from the "Elder Scrolls" games, Howard and his team have taken that mix of sunniness and despair and translated it into a detailed, 3D universe."

Houston Chronical
"This is the role-playing game that I'm personally drooling over."

"The worst thing about watching Fallout 3 in action? Having to wait for the game to hit later this year. Looks like I’m reinstalling Fallout 2 again."

"For all fun that is post-apocalyptic, players need not look further than the upcoming Fallout 3."


The Age
"Unlike most role playing games which feature your character as the star of the screen, Fallout 3 is played from a first-person perspective like a shooter."

"Bethesda has gone down a remarkable path with the RPG concept in Fallout 3."

Video Game Media
"So far, Fallout 3 keeps the vision set out by the original, a role-playing game that keeps elements from the original Fallout."

"... there's much to be excited about with Fallout 3."
"There's no denying its potential to be a grittier, more action heavy RPG than Oblivion ..."
"... we already love how Fallout 3 is shaping up."



"Fallout 3’s been stamped "game of the year" with good reason. The moniker’s subjective, obviously, but there’s no doubt that Bethesda’s RPG is up there with the likes of GTA IV and Gears of War 2 as one of the most anticipated of 2008."

Strategy Informer
"... it is clear that Fallout 3 is going to be a great RPG and an even better return for the much-loved series."

"We can't help but notice that Fallout 3 looks better and better each time we see it. The latest version boasts improved graphics, which were so detailed you could practically smell the ash in the air as you walked through the decaying streets of D.C."

"It's a solid project with a good pedigree from a proven developer, though, so it's almost certainly a sure bet."

"In a genre that has way too many dragons and dungeons, a game taking place in a postnuclear future was a fine breath of fresh air."

"It was precisely the game that Fallout fans were looking for, from the aesthetic to the gameplay to the PipBoy. It was proof enough that Bethesda knew what it was doing."

Crispy Gamer
"... what we saw gave us a great deal of confidence and optimism."

Team Xbox
"Bethesda appears to have the pedal to the metal in completing it, and with about half a year left in its development, showed that there’s a lot of nuance being crafted in on many levels of the design."

"Bethesda makes a great argument for nuclear propagation."

"The atmosphere of the game is thick with character, and we're looking forward to experiencing it this fall."

"…Fallout 3 is still looking to be a pretty fantastic game, and according to Pete, a very good sequel to the series."

"Everything I saw about this game was impressive, but what really got my attention was its overall art style."

"This is going to be a heck of a role-playing game, and the combination of Fallout's ironic sense of humor and cool setting with Bethesda's experience and expertise looks like a match made in heaven."

"…Fallout is full of depth"

"Based on what we saw at E3 combined with this latest showing there is no question that Fallout 3 is one of the most anticipated titles of the year."

"Though we've only had a few chances to see the game, Fallout 3 looks very impressive and seems to be what the Bethesda team has set out to make--a role-playing game with the exploration and real-time combat of Oblivion but the role-playing elements of the classic Fallout from 1997"
"So Dogmeat -- well the other Dogmeat -- fought for you in Fallout as well. Dogmeat 2 here is more versatile and better trained. And, yeah, I liked the fact that the canine will only find items that actually really exist in the game world -- items you yourself could find. Very cool."

"Bethesda Softworks has a lot to prove with Fallout 3. Not to regular hardcore gamers like you and me, of course, nor the millions of fans who have enjoyed the company's previous work with the Elder Scrolls series. It goes without saying that Bethesda's record for quality is proven."

Hooked Gamers
"The anticipation of the title as already built to feverish heights, especially after the release of the 2007 E3 demonstration."

"Fallout 3 is one of the most highly anticipated games of 2008. It aims to please veteran Fallout fans with its use of classic Fallout gameplay systems, while also looking to gain a new constituent of fans via the enhancements afforded by new generation hardware."

"2008's game of the year? If Bethesda's genius Oblivion is anything to go by, it's looking that way."

"The game uses the same engine as Oblivion, with a choice of third or first-person perspective, but it looks even more impressive, with more detailed environments and some gruesome effects."

"But Fallout 3 is still over a year away, so expect plenty of updates from us as we continue to bug Bethesda to give us more info and goodies between now and fall of 2008."

Hooked Gamers
"Fallout 3 is the latest gem coming from Bethesda, developers of the mega hit Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion."

"Well, Fallout 3 is rich, ambitious and epic in scale. "

"The character driven story seems well rounded, the action scenes looked exciting and the karma system should bring a real sense of consequence to the gaming arena; roll on Autumn 2008."

1Up Yours Podcast
"Podcast featuring impressions of the Fallout 3 demo."

"Roll-on autumn 2008. We literally can't wait to get our hands on more Bethesda related fun, particularly when it revolves around one of our favourite post-nuclear war game worlds, the Fallout universe."

"... Fallout 3's been the biggest blip on our radar for about two years ..."
"Fall 2008 is a long ways off...but we have a hunch that Fallout 3 is one game worth waiting for."


Ten Ton Hammer
"Fallout 3 is Oblivion on steroids. With nukes."

Electric Playground
"And speaking as a long time fan of the series, I am psyched."

"Bethesda appears to have nailed it."

"We will be patiently waiting for Fallout 3 when it comes out Fall 2008 for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC."

"Some critics have already called this game "Elder Scrolls Apocalypse" but our E3 demo showed that this game retains a ton of elements from the original Interplay titles while adding a lot of Bethesda Softworks' games."

The Armchair Empire
"In short, Fallout 3 should be heaven for role-playing fans."

"Fallout 3 should prove to be yet another hit for Bethesda."

"It is [Fallout 3], by far, the game I most want to play coming out of this E3"

Gaming Target
"…we left with the satisfying feeling that we saw a Game of the Year in the works."

"Even though the game isn’t set to launch until Fall ‘08, this one shot towards the top of my “hotly anticipated” list…Bethesda does it again!"

Gameworld Network
"In case it hasn’t been clear, I was blown away by the Fallout 3 presentation."

"Will Fallout 3 set the world on fire? From what I’ve seen - absolutely."

"It looks great, sounds great, and it at least appears that great care is being put into making it a game that both newcomers and die-hards will appreciate."

Silicon Era
"So with a hugely successful next-gen RPG already out and a lineage of great games to live up to, how is Bethesda doing with the game? Thankfully, very very well from what we've seen so far. "

Critical Hits
"Everything that is visual about this game looks stunning in motion ..."

GameRevolution (Xbox 360)
"It has all the makings of being the first solid bridge between the rapidly growing RPG genre and the immensely pop FPS category, with play options, paths, and ironic wit galore."

"... Fallout 3 from Bethesda Softworks looks like it's definitely going to be worth the wait."

"From the first moment you lay eyes on Fallout 3, you can't help but start drawing similarities to Oblivion. Yet…it quickly becomes apparent that this is more than just the 'Oblivion with guns' some fans have been worried about. Graphically, the engine has come a long way since even the relatively recent Oblivion, with post-apocalyptic environments that show incredible wear and tear."

QJ Network
"Bethesda's new take Fallout 3 slated for release on the PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 seems to be serious eye-candy indeed."

"Bethesda is crafting a beautifully ugly world rife with the unique Fallout feel and flavor that the series is known for, while bringing into the next-generation with both boots firmly planted."

"… it looks stunning—the beautiful Oblivion engine made glorious nuclear winter."

GameRevolution (PS3)
"It has all the makings of being the first solid bridge between the rapidly growing RPG genre and the immensely pop FPS category, with play options, paths, and ironic wit galore."

Games Radar
"Given Bethesda's class and the intriguing sounding target-system, we're sure Fallout 3 will be just as successful as the developer's last smash hit, Oblivion - with both fans and newcomers."

"Without a doubt Bethesda has a huge potential hit on their hands. It's practically the perfect follow-up to their successful Oblivion."

Game Industry News
"I would go so far as to say that look and feel of the Fallout world has been captured perfectly."

"Visually, the game is a marked cut above Oblivion, and the focus on depth over sheer scale is a welcome attitude for Bethesda, fitting for a universe so well-remembered for its richness and depth."

"Based on what we've seen, the game has successfully managed to mix some of the old with some of the new, and it simply looks beautiful and amazing. Fans of RPGs and the Fallout series should not miss this title…."

"This RPG set new standards in depth, character development and visual style, with a striking, retro-futuristic theme and a black sense of humor that were unlike any game we'd seen before."

Next Generation
"Judging from the gameplay footage we saw at Bethesda, Fallout 3 is looking rather spectacular."

"Bethesda finally shows us what we've been wanting to see. And it's well worth the wait."

Team Xbox
"…we can't wait to spend time exploring the world of Fallout 3."

"Finally, Bethesda has not only premiered a teaser trailer that demonstrates that Fallout 3 still maintains the spirit and atmosphere of the Fallout franchise, but also showed the game to the press for the first time, and of course we were on hand to see it."

"... this could be Bethesda's greatest achievement."

Voodoo Extreme
"... don't be shocked if the game ends up being the best of the series."

"... based on what we saw and the company's track record, there's every reason to believe that Fallout 3 is going to big."

Ninja Crayon
"The demonstration Bethesda put on was impressive, with the game running smoothly and looking nearly feature complete."

"Fallout 3 promises to be the kind of game that will have gamers calling in sick because they've been up all night playing."

Twitch Guru
"In summary, Fallout 3 looks like it has the makings of both an RPG hit and a worthy addition to the Fallout series."

As the Gaming World Turns
"The Bethesda team had only one game to show but its been THE best game of E3 – 'Fallout 3.' I'm talking far and away the best, no one else is even close."

Morgris: Rants and Reviews
"Before today I hadn't even heard of Fallout 3, but after seeing and hearing what I heard, I want it very much."

Infuze Magazine
"Overall, Fallout 3 looks like a great, gritty character-driven game that should more than satisfy longtime fans and likely bring tons of newbies along for the ride."

Games Are Fun
"Fallout 3 is easily this year's Game of the Show."

Gaming Today
"We look forward to more Fallout 3 news in the near future and while this title is a year away from release even just this taste makes that wait feel eternal."

Gamer Node
"... Bethesda is treating this game very seriously, and is trying their hardest to please old fans, as well as bring in the new."

Gaming Nexus
"Fallout 3's a long time coming and it looks like fans of the first two will be happy at what Bethesda is doing for the third game."

The Escapist
"The degree to which the Bethesda team remained faithful to the word of Fallout is staggering, as is the level of detail and ... there's no other word for it ... "love" put into the game."

"It may not be the hex-based combat that the ultra-hardcore are looking for, but Fallout 3 is on track to be one of the most fantastic games of 2008. Good Work, Bethesda. Good Work."

Team Xbox
"There's a lot to like in Fallout 3, as it offers one of the most unique experiences we've seen in a video game."

"The demo hadn't changed and neither has our high impressions of the work that Bethesda was putting into reviving the Fallout franchise."

"As expected, the production for Fallout 3 is top notch."

Action Trip
"What I've seen of the game at the show here, it looked pretty complete and functional – certainly a sign that Bethesda knows what they're doing."

Gamers Info
"I've got to warn you - Fallout 3 isn't coming until fall 2008. So, you've got a lot of time to get excited about it."

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