Fallout 10th Anniv Contest


And the winners are...

After over 17,000 entries, here are your winners: one grand prize winner, 11 runners up (listed in order), and five entries randomly selected to win a prize just for entering.

It was not an easy decision. Almost every entry was worthy and it took a lot of work to read them all, and yes, someone did. One thing we’ve learned through this contest is that the spirit of Fallout is alive and well. Congrats to everyone who entered, we hope it was as much fun for you as it was for us.

So how did we pick? About half the perks we’ve already created for the game were submitted, so if we already thought of it, it was cut. About a thousand entries were called “Berserk”, so those didn’t win. Any perk that referenced something outside of the Fallout world, like the one hundred “McGyver” entries didn’t make it. So what do the winners all have in common? They have great names and great ideas. Some are just hilarious (Crazy Eye); some use the game systems in new ways. But most of all, they are perks we’d want to play.

Our winner, “Grim Reaper’s Sprint,” is the epitome of that; it’s elegant and simple, yet turns one of the game’s dynamics around to create a new experience. It is the perk we most wanted to pick as players.


Grand Prize Winner

Grim Reaper's Sprint
Everytime you kill an opponent, all your action points are automatically restored.

Submitted by: Marc-Andre Deslongchamps



Runners Up

Falling from Heaven
When you're in a combat and losing it, a random object (a spoon, a table, etc.) might fall from the sky and hit your enemy, causing damage (the amount of damage is relevant to the mass of the object). This perk naturally only works outdoors.

Submitted by: Ville Hankipohja

Crazy Eye
Opponents attacking from the front suffer a penalty to hit you because, seriously, that eye is freaking me out.

Submitted by: Brett Harper

Money Talks
You receive a bonus to your Charisma, Reputation and Speech skills in direct proportion to your wealth.

Submitted by: Kirby Go

Deal with the Devil
You sold your soul to the Devil. You feel hollow inside. You receive $500,000 in your inventory.

Submitted by: DUPARC Melanie

You've learned to control the tone of your voice. By controling your voice you are better able to convice people to see your side of things or to rouse them to anger. You have now gained the ability of a second chance when talking to people.

Submitted by: Jacob Eckelman

Clumsy Mother
Your mother wasn't exactly the most graceful woman in the compound. So by the time you were walking you were dropped on your head... a LOT. As a result, you may not be the sharpest tool in the shed but your noggin is probably the toughest part of your body.
Intelligence - 20 ++
Headshots do no extra damage to you at all.

Submitted by: Joshua Sims

European Accent
From old holovids in the vault you learned how to fake foreign accents. It wasn't much good in the vault but outside it proves a useful skill. You have a much better chance of impressing and charming the 'ladies' if you lay on a thick french accent and breathe some nonsense in their ears. +15% to speech skill

Submitted by: Marco Stockmann

You're twisted, seriously. It sometimes happens that somebody else inside you takes control over your mind and body. From time to time, somebody else can talk or act in your place. He gives you his skills and his vices for a short duration. You can suddenly talk science like a doctor and then think like a two year child at the very next second. Quite random and risky way of life. - This Perk allows short time accesses to different levels of dimensions of dialogs sentences and strongly affects the character sheet. Could be based on low intelligence and high luck, or so.

Submitted by: Christophe Zerr

You have the uncontrollable urge to steal from people you talk to. They never notice it, but neither do you! You sometimes end up with their money or items. It's like a disease!

Submitted by: Mark Boomsma

You First
Through charismatic and dynamic leadership your followers are more inclined to risk their lives for you. This means your followers are more likely to be targeted than you.

Submitted by: Mark Jackson

Nuclear Man (or Woman)
Your body reacts like a battery to radiation and you've learned to harness it. Once per day, you can unleash a mini Nuclear explosion from your body, causing (X) amount of damage to all combatants in (X) radius.

Submitted by: Kevin Turner



Randomly Chosen Winners

Starfish Limbs
Ability to regenerate limbs and even head. Can recover from otherwise fatal damage.
Healing Rate+
Damage Resistance+

Submitted by: Simon Kavanagh

Famous Singer
Your voice made wonders on the enclave radio staff and they decided to broadcast you on the waves. You're now famous throughout the wasteland and people's initial reaction is raised. But beware fame has also its drawbacks, even more in this harsh world.

Submitted by: Julien Jourden

Puppet Master
You have a special little friend, your hand puppet who has followed you through thick and thin, and always has an opinion about things. (Gain an extra dialouge option)

Submitted by: Lasse Petersen

Roboboy/Master Mechanics
You became very creative with Wasteland's materials. You are now at a point that you can even make a robot up with A.I. once gathered proper materials! According to your skill rates, you can develop its skills for whatever you want it to be capable of.


The ability to lie yourself out of any situation.

Submitted by: Michael Eagen





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